YUZU OMOI (500ml)


YUZU OMOI 500ML Fruit Sake • Fragrant & Slightly Sweet Refreshing aroma of citrus fruit, Yuzu orange extends comfortably. Soft acidity encompasses the sweetness of Yuzu oranges. Brewery: Yamamoto Honke Co., Ltd. (website) Region: Kinki, Kyoto


 it’s fun to try a different type of sake once in a while and this is it. Basically this is a Tokubetsu Junmai sake with all-natural Yuzu juice added to it. It is low in alcohol 7% and is considered to be a little sweet. The nose is obviously very citrusy and the first sip – after you smile –. This is not a cheap infused sake that you see out on the market rather this a quality sake with quality Yuzu added for an amazingly bright and fun mouth party.