Sad Song Happy Hour 6/15/2018
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MIRROR Songwriter Series

MIRROR Songwriter Series

The Mirror in the Woods Monthly Songwriter Series is an intimate in-the-round night of music in a cozy and quirky Japanese tea house. Curated by Joanna Schubert, the series features different female-identifying or non-binary singer-songwriters each month and showcases diverse sounds and musical collaborations. THIS MONTH: featuring Emma Jayne, Tiff Ortiz, and Joanna Schubert. **** EMMA JAYNE Emma Jayne is a soulful singer-songwriter and storyteller from Chicago. Her songs have appeared everywhere, from Coca Cola ad-campaigns to Justin Bieber fragrance commercials. She is a midwest Emmy nominated composer, and comes to New York following the release of her debut full-length album, "Jetlag," which has been described as bringing "much-needed sunshine." For lovers of Carole King, Sara Bareilles, and laughing until you cry. TIFF ORTIZ The former front-woman of experimental soul band Throw Vision, Tiff Ortiz ventures into new territory with the release of her solo EP 'Paint the Day.' Collaborating with Grammy award winning producer Chris Connors and featuring contributions from drummer Jake St. John (French Horn Rebellion, Deidre & the Dark, Quiet Friend), guitarist Matteo Liberatore (Innova Records), and others, the 7-track album drifts between a universe of somber reflection and one of never ending hope; she dives straight into the realm of DIY magic and renders a vibrant sonic landscape with a blend of indie rock, soul and experimental pop. There is a sense of constant reaching and a ‘keep your chin up’ attitude that reminds us that where there is darkness, there is light. JOANNA SCHUBERT Joanna Schubert is a Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter, pianist, and music educator. She has a background in classical piano and theater, a slightly excessive love of atypical vocal harmonies, and a deep appreciation for songwriter goddesses like Kate Bush, Carole King, and Regina Spektor. Joanna has ultimately created a style all her own, characterized by intricate piano arrangements, twisty-turvy melodies, story-driven lyrics, and a theatrical flair. Her self-titled EP was released in August 2018.
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