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because of this circumstance, we would like to ask you to decline indoor seats for a while. but outside seating is still available.

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MIRROR tea house Herbal teas are crafted using organic herbs and botanicals. 

This gift box contains 4 packages of our organic blend tea.

also, you can create your own mix from the collection below:

click the order online button, you'll see a text field there!!


Chamomile & Ginger tea

Rooibos & Cinnamon tea

Mullein & Rosemary tea

Butterfly flower & Mint tea

Nettle & Raspberry leaf tea

Hibiscus flower & Ginger tea


Sit back and enjoy our naturally caffeine-free teas.

Protect your body with multiple benefits of our unique teas. 

also, the box comes with all handmade and unique crafts.

Dear customer and friends,

Please make your reservation in advance for indoor seating.

we have a limited number of indoor seats available. 


also, we want you to take your shoes off inside the teahouse.

It's hygienic and above all comfortable.

we have some slippers but if you like to bring your own, welcome! 


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.                      

Email: info@mirrorinthewoods.com         


Thank You!!  



All events will be canceled or postponed during this difficult and uncertain time.  

Sorry for the inconvenience.




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about us

Between the past and the future lies the present. A place where potential may finds it purpose.

A time when ambition strives to become action.

MIRROR IN THE WOODS was created to acknowledge and celebrate the "Now." By embodying the fundamental ideals of Morí: diversity, community, and collaboration. We invite you to commune with us as we explore traditional as well as contemporary cuisines, arts, and cultures.


MIRROR IN THE WOODS wishes to lead an expansive cultural dialogue by reaching out to our community in order to inspire, ignite, and Invite, fresh, inventive conversation.