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Welcome to "Mirror in the Woods Tea House," where a transformative experience awaits you. Established in 2017 and nestled in Gowanus, Brooklyn, we are a tea house with a purpose – to captivate and delight a diverse audience with our unique offerings:


Health at Heart: At our tea room, your well-being is our priority. We carefully curate a selection of herbal teas known for their exceptional health benefits. Each cup is crafted to promote wellness and enhance overall health, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.


Organic Goodness: We firmly believe in the power of organic food for both our bodies and the environment. That's why we exclusively use organic ingredients in our tea blends and meals. From farm to table, we ensure our customers enjoy delicious, nutritious, and sustainable offerings.


Nourishing Delights: Beyond tea, we provide nutritious meals crafted with love and a focus on high nutritional value. Using fresh, locally sourced ingredients and traditional Japanese cooking techniques, our dishes nourish your body and enrich your soul.


Sake Made Simple: As part of our mission, we make sake approachable to the younger generation. With a curated selection of sake and innovative twists on traditional servings, we invite you to explore the diverse and rich flavors of this age-old drink.


Promoting Health Awareness: We advocate for a healthy lifestyle and strive to educate and inspire our community. Our teahouse offers a space to discuss mindful eating, wellness practices, and self-care, empowering individuals to make informed choices about their well-being.


A Celebration of Japanese Culture: Step into our teahouse, where the beauty and richness of Japanese traditions come alive. We celebrate the elegance and care of Japanese tea ceremonies, cuisine, and hospitality. By sharing these cultural elements, we aim to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation among our diverse clientele.


Our dedication to health, nutrition, cultural exchange, and community involvement sets us apart as a beacon of inspiration. Join us at Mirror in the Woods Tea House and embark on a journey of wellness and discovery. Experience the transformative power of tea, nutrition, and Japanese culture like never before. We can't wait to welcome you!

Adam Kahan copy.jpg

Adam Kahan

Producer/Film director

“I'm so happy to be one of many who are discovering Mirror Tea House. As a musician and artist, it is important to have venues, such as Mirror, that provide a forum for music, art, community and expression. Mirror is one of those places that helps bring important and often under appreciated music and art to a wider audience. In a big city, and bigger country, that value the dollar over everything, it is indispensable to have warm havens such as Mirror that value and foster creativity, artistry and reflection.”



Erik Hockman

Associate Fellow, Madison Square Garden - Ventures

President, TimbreMill, LLC

“Mirror offers artists and guests an inspirational creative environment that is warm and welcoming. Their energy and vision have transformed a humble storefront in Brooklyn into a wonderful oasis. Mirror is a shining example of “what is possible”. The combination of Japanese sensibility with New York grit enables truly unique artistic experiences and events at an emotional depth that is not easily found.”


J. B. Miller

President & CEO Empire Entertainment, Inc.

“As both a longtime friend of Fumio Tashiro and a local to Boerum Hill / Gowanus, I have been thrilled to be a regular customer at the Mirror Tea House for events, performances and just to enjoy the café.  The Mirror Tea House is a Zen oasis that provides both a comfortable place to relax and socialize and is also a center of culture and creativity in this historic neighborhood. I hope that the Mirror Tea House will long be an institution in our neighborhood and I look forward to watching it grow. “


Dan Freeman(CØm1x)

Bassist, Producer, Faculty at New York University’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music and the Electronic Music Collective,  Director of the Brooklyn Digital Conservatory.

“This is a beautiful, artistic and creative space.  It is a wonderful addition to the neighborhood of Gowanus and has been amazingly supportive to musical and visual artists in the area.  It is unique in so many ways and I love bringing guests from out of town here to show them a jewel of Brooklyn.”


Mike Strachan

Connected Sounds Inc.

Musician / Sound engineer

“Mirror in the Woods is such a refreshing creative arts space. I watched a variety of shows that have served as sonic and visual inspiration for my own creativity. The owners create an atmosphere that makes you instantly feel at home. “


Zach Dilgard


“When it comes to coffee and teahouses in Brooklyn there are many to be found, but Fumio and Miho have created a unique gem in the heart of Gowanus. Mirror Tea

House has positioned itself as a center for artistic expression within the community.

Their weekly music events are diversely curated and offer a substantial outlet for

local musicians and visual artists. Anyone looking for a distinctive experience

should head to Mirror Tea House in Brooklyn.”


Kiowa Hammons

Archivist at The New York Public Library / Artist and Musician

“Mirror in the Woods offers an active environment for the creative minded to explore their passions and craft. This is sadly becoming a rare bird in NYC, but Fumio and Miho’s conviction in supporting the arts has been a true beacon for the Brooklyn community. I have been fortunate enough to participate in a number of creative events at Mirror, as well as hosting a curated monthly series for experimental artists. The space is always open and inviting, and I have had many artists describe to me how this environment has inspired them to create their work. I cannot emphasize enough the gift to this community that Mirror has provided!”

Howard Alper .jpg

Howard Alper

Drummer, Songwriter & Producer

“Brooklyn is a much better place with the emergence of Mirror In The Woods. It serves an important cultural role by presenting a wide variety of music and art in a welcoming, nurturing environment. The tea and food are great too!”


Dean G. Brown


“The Mirror Teahouse is the most accommodating, open, expressive place I have ever ventured to perform or display my work. I can always count on the support of both Fumio and Miho to give me a space to express myself whenever inspiration strikes. “

david holly.jpg

David Berger & Holly Maxson

The Milton J. Hinton Photographic Collection

Sociologist / Director / Producer

"The Mirror Teahouse can be many things -   a place to hear and see art, to experience collaborative cutting edge music and performance, to enjoy a delicious beverage and and a snack, or a place where one can  contemplate or celebrate with friends.”


Michael Daves


"Mirror in the Woods has become a vital meeting spot for bluegrass musicians in Gowanus, a neighborhood that had previously been lacking needed options. It's perfect for the performances, jams, and classes I've held there - conveniently located, artfully designed, and built for sound. It connects our scene to other forms of music that happen there, underscoring the value of community and interaction in the creative arts."


Larry Legend


“Mirror in the Woods has created a very special place in Gowanus, Brooklyn that brings together art, music, and community. More than just an event space and tea house, Mirror in the Woods is a creative partner and a community leader. Whether you're looking for a beautiful space to host your next event or performance, an evening of diverse music, or the best coffee/tea/snacks in the neighborhood, go see Fumio and Miho at Mirror Tea House, you'll be glad you did.”

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